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MONAR is a non-governmental organization that helps people in difficult life circumstances and who may be socially excluded, are homeless, living with AIDS or addicted to al¬cohol and drugs. The organization was founded by the Polish humanist and psychologist Marek Kotanski in 1978. MONAR is not based on any specific political or religious ideas, but on universal values such as goodness, justice, love, respect for others and for oneself. The or-ganization operates in accordance with the ethical code and good practice standards adopted by similar orga¬nizations around the world. Today MONAR is one of the biggest organizations in Europe working in this field and every year it serves more than 30,000 persons in Poland.

When MONAR was established

The first residential rehabilitation centre under the name of MONAR was established on the 15th of October 1978. On the 4th of August 1981 the organization called the Youth-Movement for Counteraction of Drug addiction MONAR was registered and obtained a legal status. In the present legal form the association was registered in the National Judicial Register in 1989.


Any citizen of the Republic of Poland who has full legal status and possesses public rights can become an ordinary member of MONAR. Members recognize the goals of MONAR and work towards achieving these goals as stated in the Statute.

Any person who may not have Polish citizenship may become a member of MONAR, with the approval of the Main Administration. Volunteer within MONAR or those under the care of, or a patient of a facility of MONAR cannot, however, become Members.

An ordinary member takes on the recommendations of the appropriate Regional Branch Administration, through undertaking a written declaration of will to become a part of MONAR, to accept its goals and to resolve oneself to follow its statutes, regulations, and the recommendations of the MONAR leadership. Furthermore, they are required to have the support and recommendation from two members who have been a part of MONAR for at least 10 years.

Upon accepting a new member, Regional Branch Administrations must inform the Main Board within 30 days.

In the event of negative conduct or a dispute the Regional Branch Administration allows the member to refer the matter and appeal to the Main Board of MONAR or, as a secondary means, to a Congress of Delegates. Any decision determined by the Congress of Delegates is final.

Persons willing to become members of the Association are required to submit a Membership Declaration.

Goals and The Mission

The mission of the Association MONAR is to care for every person who may have found him/herself in a difficult life circumstance, in the spirit of love, tolerance and respect for human rights and human dignity.

MONAR believes that nobody is ‘lost’ and that everyone deserves to be given a chance to recover their own place in life and society.

MONAR promotes life without drugs, attitude of frankness and sensitivity to the needs of others, responsibility for one’s own life and faith in the unlimited possibilities of a human.

The MONAR Association implements its mission by creating and maintaining conditions for a worthy and dignified life. Its services are offered to people who live on society’s margins, to drug dependent people, the homeless, ill, lonely, poor and helpless, those living with HIV/AIDS, to children from vulnerable groups, to political refugees and to all those who may have gone astray in some way.

The goals of MONAR are:
• To safeguard and promote health,
• To provide social assistance, including aid to families with socioeconomic disadvantages and help in overcoming these disadvantages,
• To provide charitable work,
• To work on behalf of minorities,
• To work on behalf of the handicapped,
• To promote the employment and career training for those without work or threatened by unemployment,
• To uphold and protect the rights of women and to address equality between men and women,
• To uphold and protect the rights of children,
• To work towards economic growth as well as entrepreneurial growth,
• To promote the growth of community and society,
• To promote study, enlightenment, education and development,
• To succor rest and relaxation, including travel within the country, for children,
• To promote culture and to protect cultural traditions,
• To promote an active social culture as well as sport,
• To succor in the protection of ecology and animals, as well as natural heritage,
• To help other non-governmental organizations and public entities technically, through education or information exchange,
• To work towards order and public safety, as well as counter social pathologies,
• To work towards European integration as well as the development of cross-cultural contacts and cooperation,
• To promote and organize volunteering.

Legal status

The MONAR Association MONAR is a non-governmental organization that works principles established by Statute and obligatory legal provisions. These are:
• The Law on associations
• The Law on public benefit volunteering
• The Law on counteracting drug abuse
• The Law on education in the spirit of sobriety
• The Law on social employment
• The Law on social welfare
• The Law on health care institutions

The MONAR Association possesses a legal status and is registered in the National Judicial Register under the number KRS 0000139796.

Authorizations, Certificates

The MONAR Association offers specialized health services to people
threatened by dependence and/or dependent upon psychoactive substances , both in out-patient units (counseling and day centres) and residential programs (rehabilitation centres for drug dependent individuals). MONAR manages over 50 units, possessing the authorizations of a public health institution, which entitles it to conduct therapy and rehabilitation for people with drug problem, in accordance with The Law on health care institutions.

The authorization to conduct clinical training within the Program of Drug Therapist Training and Certification, has been awarded by the Minister of Health to the following MONAR units:
1. The Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Youth NZOZ MONAR in Lódź
2. The Rehabilitation Centre NZOZ MONAR in Sokolniki
3. The Rehabilitation Centre for Children and Youth NZOZ MONAR in Gdańsk

The following MONAR employees possess the authorizations to conduct clinical supervision within the Program of Drug Therapist Training and Certification, on behalf of the Minister of Health:
• Piotr Adamiak
• Jolanta Koczurowska
• Danuta Wiewiora

MONAR staff members possess certificates which entitle them to work as Addiction Therapy Specialists or Addiction Therapy Instructors. The certificates have been awarded to them by the Minister of Health, upon completion of a Program of Drug Therapist Training and Certification.

Many MONAR employees also possess certificates as Trainers in HIV/AIDS prevention awarded by the National AIDS Centre.

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